Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ed Martin: Nixon, Kander talk ethics, but all they want is money

(From the Missouri Republican Party)

Missouri Democrats are calling for "comprehensive ethics reform.” Governor Nixon and Secretary of State Jason Kander are pushing reforms they are not willing to practice themselves.

Large donations are their target.

For the better part of the last decade Governor Nixon has been talking a good game when it comes to campaign finance reform, even mentioning it in his State of the State address last night. Sadly, along with Secretary Kander, Governor Nixon’s rhetoric does not measure up.

In 2013, Governor Nixon amassed over $500,000 in contributions over the $5,000 mark. He accepted over $118,045 from trial attorneys and law firms, over $11,000 from unions, and $95,000 from the healthcare industry.

“Governor Nixon and Secretary Kander are pushing for stricter limits to current campaign ethics laws, while a noble gesture; they lack the credibility to lead on such reform. Missourians are tired of elected leaders’ talking out of both sides of their mouth,” said Ed Martin, Chairman of the Missouri Republican Party.”

Secretary of State Jason Kander accepted donations 19 times over the course of 2013 above the reforms he supports.

“Nixon and Kander are playing Washington politics. Missourians are tired of business as usual. Campaign ethics is a serious issue, and voters in Missouri deserve leaders willing to play by the rules they propose. True reform comes from practicing what you preach and not cowardly hiding behind excuses.”

Today, the Missouri Republican Party will offer a pledge to Governor Nixon and Secretary Kander to hold them accountable to the would be laws they support and the voters of Missouri. We hope they are willing to practice what they preach.

“Genuine leadership cannot be faked. You either have it or not.”

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