Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Things I've Been Thinking About, January 8

A few things I have been thinking about:

A Republican bloodbath in Missouri?- Last year, we saw some key votes in the state legislature that came down to Republicans making sensible decisions and making bi-partisan votes. Don't expect to see that happen much this year. CHIPS is coming to Missouri and I am not talking about the California Highway Patrol motorcycle cops. These are the guys who guided the Kansas GOP on a shift to the right by mounting primary challenges, almost all successful, to Republicans who were not as far to the right as they. It should be another nutty year in Jefferson City.

Turner Report Ramping Up Political Coverage- I plan on adding even more political coverage of the state legislature and other branches of state government than I have had in the past, including videos, news releases, investigative reporting, and commentary. Be sure to check in every day and hopefully, I can help everyone keep things straight. It should be a fascinating session.

Speaking of Political Coverage- I plan to be out and about a lot more as we get closer to the primary election. I hope to attend political events around the area, adding photos, videos, news stories, and commentary. I may even go back to Carthage and bring back the old Garrison Avenue poll. I plan to make the Turner Report, Inside Joplin, and the rest of these blogs the place to be for political coverage in 2014.

Last 12 hours for Small Town News Sale- My first novel, Small Town News, originally published in 2005, is still on sale, in E-book format for another 12 hours from Amazon Kindle.

Will Tomorrow Be the Day?- Barring a barrage of bad weather tonight, it looks like the three new Joplin R-8 schools will open tomorrow morning. It should be exciting times for those attending East Middle School, Irving Elementary School, and Soaring Costs.Elementary School.


lisa said...

What does CHIPS stand for?

lisa said...

What does CHIPS stand for? How can I research this organization?