Thursday, July 28, 2005

Clarification issued on editing of Joplin Globe post

I wrote yesterday about how a portion of my posting on Rep. Bryan Stevenson's comments was used word for word in the comments posted on the Joplin Globe's website to the story about House Speaker Rod Jetton's visit to Neosho.
A clarification was placed in those comments today by "Retired and Disabled." If I understand correctly, "Retired" originally posted the comment with The Turner Report credited, but it was not accepted by The Globe. Please someone correct me if I am misunderstanding this.
"Retired" thought enough of the comment to resubmit it without The Turner Report being mentioned and suddenly it was appropriate for the website.
When The Globe mentions a source for information in one of its articles, it is considered good journalism. When one of its readers attempts to do the same, I guess it must be free advertising and is not allowed.
Thank you, "Retired" for clearing that up and thanks for your initial mention of this blog in your post.
Comparisons between my original post and the one that finally made it to the Globe website can be found at:

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