Friday, July 22, 2005

Seneca police chief files for bankruptcy

Seneca Police Chief Doyle Shields filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in U. S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Missouri today.
The first meeting of creditors is scheduled for 11 a.m. Sept. 8, at the Jasper County Courthouse in Carthage. Court records indicate Shields listed $10,475 in property and $46,924 in debt. Shields has worked for the city of Seneca for the past nine years.


Anonymous said...

Why is this being published? If his debt caused problems with his work for some reason, then we need to know about it. Otherwise, leave the personal information alone. It's none of our business!

Randy said...

The criteria I go by for publishing information is about bankruptcies is as follows:
1. I publish any business bankruptcies, because they are of interest to customers and to creditors, plus they often serve as a barometer for the economic health of an area or of a particular type of basis.
2. I publish bankruptcy information regarding any public official who has a responsibility for managing taxpayers' money. This bankruptcy definitely fits into that category. It does not mean he is not a proper steward of tax dollars, but it is a pertinent piece of the whole picture. I have come across many bankruptcies of people who would have been well known by the people who read this blog that I have not printed a word about it because they do not fit into either of these categories.
3. The third category is people who have received some type of notoriety from other mentions in the news. This category would include people who are involved in ongoing news stories or major news stories from the past, such as the mention the other day of Benji Tramell's bankruptcy.
I understand your viewpoint, and I do sympathize, but this is one I did not even have to think twice about.