Friday, July 29, 2005

Four-laning of U. S. 60 included in transportation bill

Twenty-five million dollars to widen U. S. 60 in southwest Missouri to four lanes is among the $860 million a year Missouri will receive if the six-year transportation bill passes the House and Senate. It is being debated this week. Combined with other funding for specific projects, the state will receive $1.3 billion.
Missouri has benefited from the clout wielded by Senator Kit Bond, who is largely responsible for pushing the package through and for obtaining extra projects for the state.
The bill would provide $286.4 billion for transportation projects across the United States. Its passage has been delayed previously by the opposition of President Bush, who claims too much money would be spent.
The House and Senate are both expected to vote on the bill today before leaving for their six-week summer recess.

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