Thursday, July 21, 2005

Freedom coming soon for Hance

U. S. attorneys plan to recommend a sentence of one year and one day for former McDonald County sheriff's candidate and Seneca police officer Randy Hance, who pleaded guilty July 15 in Springfield to federal weapons charges.
The agreement was spelled out in a document filed in U. S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri today by Hance's lawyer, Shawn Askinosie of Springfield. Askinosie filed a request to speed up the presentence investigation. "According to the United States Probation and Parole officer conducting the PSI interview," Askinosie said, "Mr. Hance could very well have served his term by the time the PSI is completed, in the event the court follows the plea agreement recommendation." Judges are not bound to go along with plea agreements.
Askinosie said the probation officer in charge of Hance's case said that it would be possible to speed up the investigation so that Hance does not end up spending more than a year and a day in the Greene County Jail.
Hance has been held without bond since his arrest Nov. 23.
For more information on the case and Hance's guilty plea, go to the following link:

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