Sunday, July 31, 2005

Alan Benes to join Springfield Cardinals

Area baseball fans will get a chance to see ex-major leaguer Alan Benes as he continues his comeback attempt. Benes, 33, is scheduled to be activated by the Springfield Cardinals, the St. Louis Cardinals AA minor league team today, according to the Springfield News-Leader.
During his rookie season with the St. Louis team in 1996, Benes won 12 games and helped lead the Cardinals to the Central Division championship in manager Tony LaRussa's first year with the club. Benes won nine games the next year and has been in and out of the majors with arm trouble since that time.
The article said it was uncertain whether Benes would pitch in the starting rotation or out of the bullpen.
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Anonymous said...

Why no link to the article, Randy? You usually provide them...

Randy said...

I have found that when the web adderss is extremely long such as the one for the page with the Alan Benes story was, it causes a large blank space that stretches from the bottom of the story to the end of the sidebar. I had intended to add that link once the story was under the sidebar where it would not cause any problem. (I hope this makes sense.) I will add the link.