Friday, July 22, 2005

Lamar R-1 Board to review extra-duty pay

It's too soon to tell if anything good will come of it, but Lamar R-1 administrators were apparently shocked Thursday night, when the school board, by a 4-2 vote, had the administrators go back to the drawing board when it comes to extra duty pay for teachers.
The board had approved a plan which called for hefty increases for men's sports coaches, but not much of anything for people who sponsor academic-oriented extracurricular activities.
The message board at has been buzzing with the news. It appears the old guard at the school is still pushing the nonsense that if we they don't pay those football coaches a bunch, they will go somewhere else. Also, they are buying into the fiction that coaches put in a lot more hours with their sports than other teachers do with academic-related activities.
Some do, some don't. I know of teachers who sponsor academic activities who put in just as much time and for far less money than coaches. That's not a knock against coaches. That is an indictment of some school districts' priorities.
Nothing may come of the board's decision to examine the situation a little bit more, but it was a worthy first step.


Anonymous said...

The vote was 4 - 2. Haag, Cook, Crockett, Riegel for amending, Stansberry and Norwood against. Barr absent.

Randy said...

Thanks. I will make that correction.