Thursday, December 15, 2005

Alleged internet pervert pleads not guilty

Alleged internet pervert Gary Reed Blankenship, Neosho, pleaded not guilty in Newton County Circuit Court today to one count of enticing a child and nine counts of possession of child pornography.
Blankenship, 56, formerly an official with O'Sullivan Industries, was arrested as a result of a sting by Diamond police officer Jim Murray.


Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO JIM MURRAY!!!! Mighty fine work. I hope you can get more of the perverts off the streets and internet.
There better be some jail time for this sicko!

Anonymous said...

this so called man should
pay for what he did .
i work at osullivan 12 yr
there was a person by the name dave was dismiessed for going to porn site .
gary blankaship was going there for years and no body said any thing . they know who doing what there and to let it go on for so long is not wright .