Thursday, December 29, 2005

NBC News still tops Nielsen ratings

After one year, the transition from Tom Brokaw to Brian Williams doesn't appear to have hurt NBC Nightly News at all, according to the Nielsen ratings.
According to Hollywood Reporter, NBC Nightly News averaged 9.8 million viewers in the fourth quarter, while ABC had 8.6 million and CBS 7.5 million. Williams, of course, got his start at KOAM.

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Anonymous said...

Although the total numbers are much smaller, it appears that our area does not go the way of the national trend. Last Monday it was released in the Joplin Globe that locally, CBS Evening News has 29,000 viewers, NBC Nightly News has 11,000 viewers, and ABC World News Tonight has 9,000 viewers. Those numbers where credited from Nielsen's November 2005 report. measurement