Wednesday, December 28, 2005

KSN breaks Federline scoop

Even on days when both of the anchors are gone, KSN's 5 p.m. newscast cannot escape the spirit of Gary and Tiffany, or as they are so modestly described on the intro "the Four States' favorite pair."
The substitutes for Gary Bandy and Tiffany Alaniz, Lauren Hieger and Meredith Mitchell, were the only reporters on any of the three local five o'clock newscasts to note that singer Britney Spears' (and if that's not an oxymoron, I don't know what is) husband, Kevin Federline, has a new CD out, as well as a website. This was after the scoop that many of their friends are getting engaged during the holiday season.
This is not intended as a criticism of Ms. Hieger or Ms. Mitchell. Both women work hard and have done well on the station. It is just the atmosphere of the 5 p.m. broadcast since its change from news to a mixture of news and tabloid talk.
While KSN was leading with some talk and the weather (but not the aforementioned scoops, they came later), its sister station KODE and competitor KOAM led with the news that Governor Matt Blunt had ordered the closing of Renewable Environmental Services, the Carthage company which has produced an odor which has made living in that city a miserable proposition over the past several months.
While flipping back and forth, I noticed that KOAM's Daniel Ashley had comments from an out-of-state RES official, while KODE had a telephone interview with a representative from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources. I did not catch who the reporter was on the KODE story. I also could not tell if KSN did a story on the situation, though I imagine I just missed it. (I need to get one of those arrangements where I have three televisions side by side.)


Anonymous said...

You could always get TIVO. I think it would help you out a lot.

Anonymous said...

Like, OMG thanks bunches for the 411 on Feterline's website! Hott stuff!!


Anonymous said...

Meaning Feterline, of course!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Again, more of the "circus mentality" that KSN seems to be developing.

Their stupid pep ralleys are so cheesy! As first-hand witness of one of these glorious events, they are pretty rediculous. KSN has to bring in a raunchy radio station (KSYN) to help lower their standards of news reporting. This is a radio station that entices it's younger listeners (who mostly are teens)with terrible music, foul language, and sexual references. As if the national media doesn't do this enough.

Thank God KSN finally quit trying to get the entire school community and faculty to show up at 5:00am to help put on the idiotic telecast. So what do they do now? They tape it the day before, in the afternoon. A wise decision-if one must absolutely have to participate. But now they insult the viewers by pretending it is being taped "live" at 5:30am. Their nonstop references of the show being live in the morning is rediculous and a pure insult to all watching. Like we can't honestly tell that their "three ringed circus" is being held in midafternoon. It reminds me of a tame version of Jerry Springer. It is a pure waste of valuable talent of Lucas McDonald and whichever female coancher happens to stay at KSN long enough to report with him.