Thursday, December 29, 2005

They're already looking for Joplin Daily

You can't say too much about the power of television.
KSNF's piece on the new Joplin newspaper/website,, generated a lot of traffic...for The Turner Report.
Of course, that is because, other than the Joplin Independent and the KSN story, this has been the only place where any information at all about the project has been forthcoming. The wisdom of Liberty officials in choosing an easy-to-remember name for its publication and website is already showing since people have been searching for
That has been the most popular search term today by those who reached this blog through search engines, but it just barely beat all-time favorite Malorie Maddox, as people continue to research the former KODE anchor.
She is not the only former local television anchor who was the subject of a search today. Her current co-anchor in Omaha and former co-anchor in Joplin, Jimmy Siedlecki, was a search topic, as were Sarah Pierik, who recently left her morning position at KOAM to take a job in Wichita, and former KSNF morning show anchor Sheradee Hurst were both popular search topics today.
Other search topics included: ConAgra, Freeman Hospital, Jasper Mayor John Rodebush, Neosho R-5 Assistant Superintendent Charles Brazeale, Small Town News, Nexstar Broadcasting CEO Perry Sook, Cable One, my former East Newton High School classmate Ginger Knight and the late Doug Ringler, a Carthage boy who was murdered 12 years ago today at age eight.

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Anonymous said...

I saw in the Joplin Globe today that your site was voted "Best in the Four States".....CONGRATULATIONS