Monday, December 26, 2005

A few media notes

-The Lamar Democrat apparently is about to unveil a new website, according to the message left on the current website.
-It looks as if the Joplin Globe is unveiling a new-look Sunday edition, according to the ad in today's paper. The biggest change appears to be a weekly stand-alone real estate section and a section where they will reflect on the news. Hopefully, someone will write some so they will have something to reflect on.
-The Joplin has its billboards out and the television advertising has begun. I have seen one of the prototype copies and it definitely has a much cleaner, attractive look than the Globe. Even better, it doesn't have a whole page of "News to Go" back on the back like the Globe. As of last week, the new paper does not have a full-time sports editor, but it does have some willing fill-ins for the first issue or two.
-Monday Night Football came to an end, at least on network TV tonight. I can remember the first edition 35 years ago and what a big deal it was at that time. Though Al Michaels and John Madden were a vast improvement over the Dennis Miller fiasco of a few years back, in my book, there was never a better crew than the original trio, Keith Jackson, Don Meredith, and Howard Cosell (pictured). They were informative and entertaining.
-The Webb City Sentinel reports that those wanting to follow the exploits of the Webb City High School Marching Band as it participates in the 117th Tournament of Roses Parade will be able to see daily photo updates on the school website.

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