Thursday, December 29, 2005

Joplin Daily unofficially introduced to business community

The new alternative to the Joplin Globe, was introduced to the Joplin Chamber of Commerce earlier this month. The story is featured in Mari Winn's Joplin Independent.
In a related note, the newspaper the Globe started to combat the new weekly, the Joplin Herald, published its sixth edition Wednesday. As usual, there is nothing in it that even justifies its existence. The best thing the Globe could have done to combat the newcomer was simply improve its product, but it's hard to do that when it is bleeding away its young talent, misusing most of its veterans, and is still married to a "regional" concept of news. When it launched the Herald by telling Globe readers it needed the publication because the Globe did not have enough room for Joplin news...well, let's be charitable and say Globe management could use a few lessons in public relations.
As for the, as Mari Winn's article points out, the new publication is designed to turn around the normal way newspapers operate. Most newspapers have websites to try to direct traffic toward the print edition. The new newspaper, which launches Sunday, Jan. 1, is designed to direct traffic toward a constantly updated website, hence the name

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait for 01.01.06 to see what Hacker and company have to present.