Thursday, May 31, 2007

Snarling Marmot weighs in on anonymous blogging

Springfield News-Leader Editorial Page Editor Tony Messenger's recent criticism of anonymous blogging continues to reverberate throughout the blogosphere.
The latest to weigh in is one of the top bloggers in southwest Missouri, the Snarling Marmot:

Blogs are not newspapers. While I will submit that those of us in the blogosphere are providing some form of information, in most cases we aren't being paid for it we’re PAYING to do it. And like any enterprising business owner, we will blog and identify as we see fit. Anyone who is reading a blog without that knowledge in the back of his or her mind probably isn't playing with a full deck.

If Tony Messenger's purpose was to start a discussion on the topic of anonymous blogging (and I'm sure that played a big part in his post), then he certainly has succeeded.

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