Monday, May 21, 2007

July 23 trial set for Arkansas woman accused of sexually assaulting Joplin teen

A July 23 trial date has been scheduled for an Arkansas woman who posed as a man and sexually assaulted a 13-year-old Joplin girl.

As reported in the Jan. 29 Turner Report, Alesha Mariah Carr was arrested by Fayetteville police for posing as a man, both in MySpace conversations and in person, and sexually assaulting the girl. This account was given in the Springdale Morning News:

On Oct. 5, Carr asked the 13-year-old to leave her home in Joplin, Mo., and meet her in Arkansas for sexual relations. Carr went to Joplin and picked up the girl and took her to her residence in Fayetteville. Parks said the girl was assaulted during the visit. (Fayetteville Sgt. Shannon) Gabbard said Carr and the girl had sexual relations before this incident in Joplin and the girl's grandparents found out about the relationship and contacted the police. Carr portrayed herself as a man online and in person. Detectives discovered the online chats that occurred in accounts.
Detectives confiscated forensic evidence from the girl's computer, according to a police report.

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