Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AP: Sprinkler bill may not affect 60 percent of homes

Life-saving legislation appears to have taken a backseat to financial considerations.
Associated Press reports Rep. Kevin Wilson's sprinkler bill, which was passed by the legislature during its final week in session, will not apply to more than 60 percent of group homes:

The legislation, passed overwhelmingly last week, excludes existing residential care and assisted living facilities with 20 or fewer residents from having to retrofit their buildings for sprinklers.

About half of Missouri’s facilities — 310 of the 616 — currently lack sprinkler systems. The bill’s exemption means that just 120 of those would be forced to install sprinklers, according to Department of Health and Senior Services figures provided to The Associated Press.

The measure was stronger when it was initially passed in the House, but took a beating when the Senate got hold of it:

The fire alarm provisions prevailed in the Legislature. But cost concerns led senators to add the sprinkler system exemption. Few were aware, at the time, exactly how large of an exemption it was.


Anonymous said...

It doesn't matter that it's a terribly flawed bill, Kevin got his glory. How very, very sad.

Anonymous said...

typical. should be no surprise. If Kevin Wilson cared about this issue as much as he touted, he would reintroduce this bill to affect all group care homes and he will blast those in the senate who did not support the health and welfare of all those in group homes.