Wednesday, November 05, 2008

McCain wins Missouri by two-tenths of one percent

Final unofficial Missouri tallies show Sen. John McCain winning the state's wote by two-tenths of one percent.

McCain received 1,442,613 votes to to 1,436,745 votes for Barack Obama.

This is the first time in a half century that Missouri has not voted for the person who won the presidency.

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Anonymous said...

Times are a changin', well at least in some places. Barely 16% of voters in Lamar voted for Obama. Just goes to show that some people are more concerned with keeping "them" out of the White House and keeping whitey in power. I say that because of all the e-mails I received from Lamartians encouraging me NOT to vote for Obama because he was either a terrorist of doesn't care about America. People that don't even know his stance on issues, just that he is black. Just sad.

On the flip side of that coin I read that 95% of black voters voted for Obama. Not a big surprise but come on, 95%?! A friend of mine said it best when he compared it to the year JFK won because of all the women who thought he was dreamy. I voted for Obama because I believe it is time for a change and maybe we need somebody in power who will shake things up on the Hill a little bit. It's time we got rid of the good ole boy network and got back to the Nation we used to be. I also voted for him because of his issues, especially the war and getting our boys out of there. That doesn't mean that I am not supportive of our troops or I am un-American because I don't want to stay there and "finish what we started" as somebody said. Isn't that what it boiled down to? OBama is un-American because he wants to get the troops out of there and McCain is red white and blue through and through because he wants to stay there for another 10 years and git er done? No matter the billions spent or the thousands of lives lost?

I just hope to see a new direction taken by the President-Elect and the Administration he will put in place. It will not be easy. Bush has left our country in shambles. Gas prices will go back up, unemployment is on the rise, the economy is bordering on recession and we are bailing out companies with multi-billion dollar "loans". The auto industry will be next you watch. The sad part is Obama will be spending a majority of his first term cleaning up the 8 year mess Bush has left. Even if he only makes a little headway his critics will say "see, I told you".