Friday, November 14, 2008

"Newsprint in my Blood" blog bites the dust

Missouri Southern State University publications manager T. R. Hanrahan in a post today, announced he will no longer update his blog, Newsprint in my Blood:

This weekend this blog will cease to be active.
Another blog on another platform will take its place. When I began here, it was my intention to offer criticism and observation of media. I hope I have done some of that.
I know sometimes I do so with sarcasm and pointed language. I hope, however, that it was always about the issue or the content or the timeliness and not about the person.
Some of the comments on this blog have been hurtful to me personally. News people must endure personal attacks in silence and I will. But a few things annoy me and will draw a response.
This will close this blog.

I will let you follow this link to read about those few things that annoy T. R.

I will miss reading the media criticisms in the blog. And, as always, I hate to see another voice leaving the blogosphere. I look forward to reading his next blogging effort.


Anonymous said...

Randy, I would like to take a moment to thank you for always demonstrating that you indeed have what it takes to 'teach and do'. People often criticize and disagree with you, but you always state your case and take that criticism, and publish those comments that ridicule you. Your blog would never cease to exist because of a few negative comments directed toward you. You have journalistic integrity and it shows every day as opposed to the bitter ramblings of a man who will never accomplish much in life because his attitude sucks ass.

Anonymous said...

The Carthage Press was particularly sensitive to the criticism Hanrahan leveled against it in his blog.