Sunday, November 09, 2008

News-Leader article examines reasons for Hulshof loss

Perhaps the primary stripped away Kenny Hulshof's money.

Or maybe it was the fact that Missourians could no longer vote a straight ticket.

The Springfield News-Leader's Chad Livengood has an examination of what Republicans feel are the reasons for Hulshof's loss to Jay Nixon in the governor's race Tuesday.

The article even features one party official who thinks the elimination of straight ticket voting confused older people.

Or maybe they just were not thrilled with Kenny Hulshof.


Anonymous said...

Ain't it amazing that the Republicans were the ones who caused the straight ticket voting to disappear and now they are the one's crying about the fact that people split their votes. Talk about a bunch of losers, in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

The republicans got what they wanted, not they are not happy because their folks could not vote a straight ticket. They P&M over everything that doesn't go their way. Poor folks, it backfired on them.