Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No more free space for Lindstedt

I gave perennial candidate Martin Lindstedt, who is free after posting bond while awaiting trial on a 2005 charge of stautory sodomy, one free verbal shot at me in a posting yesterday. That will be all he will get.

While I am sure he will complaining anywhere that allows his ranting and raving, his hateful racist comments have no place on this blog. I debated whether to post his comment Tuesday, and decided to do so only because it gives those who are unfamiliar with Lindstedt, an introduction to his character.

If Lindstedt makes a valid comment to a post without resorting to his usual foul language and racial epithets, his views will be printed. I don't expect he will be able to do that.

For those new readers of The Turner Report who are unfamiliar with Lindstedt, he is a perennial political candidate who has lost in his efforts to be elected to every position from East Newton R-6 Board of Education to governor to U. S. senator, and he has sued everyone from Barack Obama (his latest) to Missouri Southern State University, to Gov. Matt Blunt, to Granby city officials.

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