Tuesday, December 16, 2008

KOAM dominates November sweeps, KODE in basement

November sweeps ratings are out and the result is the same one to which this area has grown accustomed- KOAM's newscasts led across the board, usually doubling or nearly doubling the ratings of competitors KODE and KSNF combined.

The major change this time was the slippage of KODE's Nielsen ratings. KSNF beat its Nexstar sister station in every time period in which the two competed, including KSN's 5 p.m. newscast, which has been mired in third place for some time.

The ratings for viewers 18 and over were as followe:

5:30 to 7 a.m.- KOAM 9,996 households; KSNF 4,749, KODE 4,616
Noon- KOAM 12,178, KSNF 5,148
5 p.m.- KOAM 35,275; KSNF 7,862; KODE 6,712
6 p.m.- KOAM 34,563; KSNF 14,900; KODE 11,963
9 p.m. KFJX 11,210
10 p.m. KOAM 26,808; KSNF 14,949; KODE 12,447

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Ron said...

We were a Nielsen family for sweeps. Looking back I should have pulled a "Blagojevich" and called the local anchors to demand contributions from the local stations. "I've got this Nielsen rating booklet and it's [expletive] golden!"