Thursday, September 24, 2009

Cynthia Davis: Some of my best friends are black people

Rep. Cynthia Davis, R-O'Fallon has added her two cents to the racism debate that is going full force across the country.

In her latest capitol report, Mrs. Davis criticizes those who are playing the racism card, and notes that race problems in this country are a thing of the past. Not only is she not prejudiced, she said, but some of her best friends are black people.

And to hammer home her point, she posted a picture of her with one of her black friends:

I love a great debate. The national congress is providing our country with lots of content for dinner-table conversation. However, when some play “the racism card” it destroys our community and national spirit. This is becoming especially common when people lack the logic to back up their positions or beliefs. As we have been watching the public debate concerning the destiny of this country, I am most disappointed in the decline of civility and the insult slinging. The most offensive part about name calling is that it implies we can read the minds of others.

The former president Jimmy Carter made news by his vitriolic and inflammatory remarks when he accused Americans of racism. When he told NBC News-anchor Brian Williams in an interview last week, "An overwhelming portion of the intensely demonstrated animosity toward President Barack Obama is based on the fact that he is a black man," he needed to clarify that those were his thoughts, not others, especially since nobody is capable of knowing what is in the heart of another person.

While it may be possible for some to have racist thoughts, most people I know consider it a topic that has been resolved and reconciled in the hearts of everyone that cares. Racism may have affected some people decades ago, but now that we are in a new millennium, the only people trying to perpetuate racism are people who are still trying to live in the past or those who are intentionally trying to stir up unrest.

Even 30 years ago when I was attending college in New York, I did not see any racism. I played the piano for two choirs—the youth choir at Pilgrim Baptist Church and “His Voice” on campus. I was the only white person in the bunch, but they treated me like one of them. Of course it probably helped that I played the piano with the right amount of soul. I have seen the day when people are judged not by the color of their skin, but on the content of their character (and for some, their musicianship). To this day, if anyone is in the Capitol and needs to be accompanied on We Shall Overcome, Never Alone, I'm On the Battlefield for My Lord, or Lift Every Voice, I could be ready in less time than it would take to roll out the piano!

God created mankind in His image. Therefore all human beings are valued and respected because they bear the image of their Creator. If all people are descended from Adam and Eve, then our differences are only related to physical features, which have no bearing on our value as people. Furthermore, the Lord commands us to love our neighbor and over 70% of our country still claims to be Christian. I don’t know who wants to promote racism, but it is not coming from people who fear God and adhere to what is taught in the Bible. Perhaps Jimmy Carter should acknowledge he speaks for himself and get help with his personal prejudices.

Here is the bottom line: We have far too much to work to accomplish getting this country back on track than to allow ourselves to be distracted by those who are being divisive. Making petty and false assumptions about what others may be thinking will send us down a destructive path. If we are going to be able to pull ourselves out of this recession, it is going to take us working together, helping each other and rolling up our sleeves. Everybody has something valuable to contribute, so let’s do what they suggest in the song, America the Beautiful, “and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea”.

Your thoughts are important to me, so please let me know what you think about racism.

(Photo: Cynthia Davis with her friend, musician Larnelle Harris)


Anonymous said...

The great thing about throwing down the racism card is that it requires no more proof then the fact that the person it is being thrown at is white. Also, there is no defense to the charge because any defense will be dismissed with the old “my best friends are black” mockery (even if made no such statement was made).

At least that has been the history, my observation is that now the racism zingers only resonate within liberal circles (where everyone who disagrees with them are viewed as evil). For everyone else it is usually looked at as a cheap shot coming from a crank without a good argument for his position.

It is also funny how the people who throw the term “racist” around so lightly are the ones that scream the loudest if someone on the right throws the term “socialist” or “communist” at them.

Busplunge said...

"I was the only white person in the bunch, but they treated me like one of them."


I like Cynthia Davis said...

Why don't you simply call these Republicans a pack of racists right out so that they can decide to politically retaliate against you and the rest of the public school teachers abusing your power to indoctrinate their children's minds against their Republican parents and Christianity?

What I like about you liberals is that by politicising differences and playing the race card it eventually gets all worn out and spurs a backlash. Eventually there will be a return to the 'spoils system' to where you liberal drones will be out of a job and without a safety net. People will end up homeschooling their kids and voting down property taxes, maybe even voting to dissolve the school districts and abolish public education because you liberals wormed your way in therte and abused it.

You seem to have it in for Cynthia Davis ever since she voted for a bill to keep you out of the lives of students while out of school. What are you, some sort of liberal kiddie stalker or something? I think you are sort of creepy in always wanting to get at the kiddies when they are not under your control in the classroom. Get over it, if it wasn't for the fact that the wife has to work, then most people would pull their children out of the public school system rather than have to deal with liberals trying to corrupt their children not only in the classroom, but outside it. The public school system is how you liberal drones turn young white children into godless drones like yourself.

I think I need to notify Cynthia Davis that she is right about you creepy public school teachers trying to infect and corrupt young minds of children born to conservative parents. You don't seem to be able to keep yourself from getting at the children, Turner. Cynthia Davis needs to pass a bill regulating your liberal kind of school teacher from indulging in political (and any other) activity both inside and outside the classroom. She needs to pass a sort of Missouri Hatch Act to deal with you irresponsible public employees 'working' in the public schools.

Anonymous said...

well put 9:36 p.m. I know Randy, and I would scream bloody murder if my child were assigned to his classroom...I surely wouldn't want him influencing any youngster

Anonymous said...

Two things:

1. Randy DOES have it in for Cynthia Davis.

2. Cynthia Davis is an enemy of public schools and is so conservative she squeaks.

It doesn't have to be one or the other; it's both.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Some of my friends are White people. In fact all my friends are white people.

Anonymous said...

I , for one, would love to have Randy Turner as my child's teacher. I may not always agree with him politically, but he is doing what our Bill of Rights granted us- FREE SPEECH ( on his own time-). I would be proud to nominate Randy for the Golden Apple Award. Shame on you silly people!!!

I like Cynthia Davis said...

I wouldn't mind you liberal idiots having Randy Turner turn them into bigger fools at all. The problem is with you idiots wanting to make your government programs mandatory so that everyone is as big of amoral fools as yourself and Turner.

Cynthia Davis is merely trying to maintain the status quo, when what is really needed is perhaps no more than four or five years of public education. If idiots like Randy Turner couldn't teach children to read, write and simple arithmetic by grade four, simply find someone who can. That way, you liberal drones could hire someone like Turner who made such a success of his newspaper career . . . . to turn your children into dishonest liberal idiots while we have our children trained to think as we think and for them to think for themselves. There needs to be a lot less liberal indoctrination going around and what little there is needs to be kept to what little the market will bear.

There needs to be a separation of school and state. That way we get rid of most of the local and state property taxes and actually make sure that most children could read. What they choose to read should be left up to them and their parents.

Anonymous said...

I would agree that racism can be over-used, and that it should not be. However, whenever I hear someone talking about "the racism CARD" I know what's coming. A right-wing rant. Because that's all racism is to them -- a "card" that gets used. After all, racism was outlawed in the late 1960s people.

It would be a great thing if we actually did live in this "post-racial" world that Cynthia Davis seems to think we live in. Are things better? Absolutely. Unfortunately, however, Davis' ostrich method isn't going to get us moving even further along very swiftly.

I love her "racism was resolved long ago" line (in the 60s, apparently) and her claims to not really know (or have known) any real racists (because they so rare, especially here in this area). That's pretty funny stuff. Maybe she never leaves her house.

In any case, she should go into comedy. Only the most dedicated Kool-Aider could take this sort of thing seriously.

Oh, Anon 7:39's comment that public education should be discontinued after the fifth grade is great stuff! What a great American! That'll show the rest of the world in the global business climate we exist in! They'll really shake in their shoes when we pass that law! LOL!

I like Cynthia Davis said...

Turner is obsessed with Cynthia Davis even though she is one of 163 state reps 300 miles away because she sponsored a bill trying to keep public school teachers away from their students when school is not in session. Davis' comments about how parents should be the ones feeding children was whined about by Turner and other liberals in the media as well.

Liberals ALWAYS play the race card. They don't actually like living next to the objects of their supposed love and admiration but rather exploit for political purposes the race card.

Public schools shouldn't be used for purposes of indoctrination. Therefore, four grades of public education, enough to teach them how to read, write, and do basic math should be more than enough, as well as more than is usually accomplished with the additional eight years of public schooling. The whining about how these public school teachers need jobs and liberals need more educated fool drones which trumps children being taught by their parents and taxpayers not having to pay high property taxes is actually politics as usual. 'Liberals' leave those kids alone!!!

The problem isn't lack of indoctrination, it is that twelve years of this mental abuse in kiddie gulags doesn't produce a competent work force. Rather the problems of economic collapse and loss of jobs wasn't caused by public school dropouts, but rather by the highly 'educated' who speculated and destroyed the economy and sent jobs overseas.

Basic training in reading, writing and arithmetic is all that is necessary for the public schools. Indoctrination should be taken out of the hands of you 'liberals' and placed back in the hands of parents. Four years of forced 'education' is enough.

Anonymous said...

I admitted that sometimes racism is overused -- but not that it is not often appropriately applied. I doubt that "I love Davis" will admit that conservatives love to call it the "card" because they don't think it is _ever_ appropriately used.

Well, unless a black is being dragged behind a truck by a rope. But even then there would likely be some other way to frame it used by such people to make it about something else. Like maybe the black guy could have exercised a little more personal responsibility and moved quicker to avoid being roped.

Like I said, though: if America ever adopts the "four years of school" principle, the rest of the world will HAW HAW HAW all the way to total economic world domination.

It's okay though, basic reading and writing will still get you a service-oriented job, in such an age for a company no doubt owed by a non-American. And I'm sure there will be lots of positions at the ball-bearing joint open for such people.

I like Cynthia Davis said...

Liberals ALWAYS place the race card in order to justify their getting to try to tell other people what to do. Never mind the fact that black-on-white crime is 50 times that of white-on-black crime, this anonymous typical liberal feeb will mention forever what happened twenty years ago. They don't like living next to dangerous minorities but rather want more white children beaten up by what are essentially dangerous untrainable animals walking on two legs who have never been able to live up to white standards, and never will. Penguins can't be trained to fly and non-whites will never ever be able to be trained to live up to white standards. They are what they are, and no amount of training will ever make them what they are not able to be, imitation whites. If they able to live up to White standards in their own native country, why haven't they done so other than what Occam's Razor saying it is because they can't?

You liberals always exploit racial tensions because it is your path to power. You care neither for whites nor those you claim to love because you love only power over others.

The fact of the matter is that the current economic situation in which the Asiatic nations are on top and we no longer have a manufacturing base wasn't caused by people who weren't highly educated. Just as there no longer is any market for skilled labor and because of aliens no market for unskilled labor, just as there are no steelworkers plying their trade, so too must you public 'servants' learn to live with the reality you fools brought about. There really is no need for more of the foolishness which brought this current situation about.

Rather, someone who only faces four years of being under the thumb of some liberal lying drone like Turner, and in which you drones like Turner don't have access to the minds of young white children, will find that those children have better things to do than to even bother to listen to you 'liberal' idiots, any more than their parents did and thus the decline and bankruptcy of the liepapers. Since all they need to learn is to read, write and do arithmetic and if Turner can't even do that he gets fired, then the supply of new liberal drones and parasites will dry up soon enough.

Reality -- what a vengeful concept! What is needed is 'less' of the same foolishness, not to keep it running some more. Since we are in a hole now, what is needed is to stop digging in deeper, hoping to find some sort of prize at the bottom of a hole dug where a latrine used to be.

Like Pink Floyd sang: [Liberal] Teachers, leave them kids alone!