Wednesday, September 30, 2009

KSPR airs birther infomercial

The lunatic fringe that claims that President Barack Obama is not an American aired its message on KSPR, Springfield, last Thursday at midnight.

"It's obvious President Obama is trying to hide where he was really born," blasts the infomercial.
Despite verification from the Hawaii Department of Health that the president has a valid state certificate of birth, Live has teamed up with the United States Justice Foundation to urge people to write $30 checks to help pay for faxes asking every state Attorneys General to launch an investigation.
As a thank-you, recipients will receive a bumper sticker, which reads, "Got birth certificate?"
It may be a fringe movement, but Ky3 Incorporated General Manager Mike Scott said the station will only restrict content if it violates the law or is deemed libelous.
"Obviously, the opinions of this particular program may be a minority of our viewers, but certainly I think this group has the right to express themselves. I don't think it's libelous in any fashion," Scott said.

Obviously, KSPR's advertising department has much lower standards than its news department.


Anonymous said...

Is Barock Obama the Prezident,I thought Gorge Bush was, because this economy seems to get worse and woeser and we need more troops for war in Afganistan. Sorry I lerned to spell in Publik Skool.

Swillis Gumpf said...

How do you know Obama wasn't born in Kenya? For that matter, since Obama received a Fulbright grant to go to college open only to the foreign born, then how do you know that Obama's citizenship wasn't denied by the very act of petitioning for financial aid as a foreign student? Since Obama claimed to be a foreign student to become a student on a scholarship, then why should he be later, when convenient, be allowed to later claim to be a natural-born citizen to become a president?

There are plenty of facts sufficiently supporting questions as to whether Obama is or is not constitutionally qualified to be selected president. Half a billion was spent in order to force him upon the American people. Now even though the government courts refuse to hear the case, it won't go away. Large segments of the white population will think of Obama as a fraud and certain politicians on the right will fan the flames the highter as liberal whiners like Turner demand censorship and [d]rule of [g]liberal as opposed to rule of law.

There is a civil war going on between those like Randy Turner who refuse to let the truth come out and those whites who refuse to be ruled by a negro. Neither side will prevail fully. Rather, the flames of civil war will be fanned by both sides seeking absolute power and the end result will be civil war between both sides unwilling to compromise, with the fence-sitters caught in the middle. The Republic was set up so that nobody gets what they want all the time, and going about so that all dissent is forced to go underground ensures a violent explosion as the aggrieved think that they have no choice but violence in order to survive intact with their families and property.

This TV or radio station had a lawful duty to accept that political advertisement, whether or not you or other liberals like it or not. They did so, and didn't even beg permission from your Bolshevik blog, Turner. Ain't it wonderful that there are some TV stations still trying to make a profit as opposed to being Randy Turner's Public Bolshevik System/Communist News Network? (PBS/CNN)

Anonymous said...

In the past Scott has refused to air ads critical of Roy Blunt because he thought they were inaccurate. One said Blunt laundered campaign money from one campaign account to another. Scott refused to air the ad because he said Blunt only transfered the money from one account to another. Would love the opportunity to make him answer questions about the way he treats Democrats raising questions about Roy compared to the way he is treating the birthers critisims of the President. A sickening double standard is being practiced at KY3 and KSPR.

Anonymous said...

When the main plank of a person's argument is debunked in about 4 seconds using a Google search, you start to get suspicious of whether such people are moving from evidence to conclusions or starting with unshakable conclusions and then casting around for evidence to dress those conclusions up with.

Swillis Gumpf said...

Puh-leeeze. If what you say is true, then sue the station for refusal of your ad. After all, if it is a political advocacy ad, and advertised as such, no mass-media station can refuse to air the ad. If they did, then sue them.

Of course newspapers lie about politicians just as politicians simply lie. If you want to whine about who are the biggest lying whores, the reporters or the politicians they cover, it is a whine which can go both ways.

You liberals got MSNBC as the Obama channel, wherein they get a bunch of liberal whiners mouth-breathing about how unfair it is that Kiene_Obama is not worshipped as 'The One' and the kosher connedservantives got Faux News wherein the Great War against Muslims is justified on behalf of Greater Israel perpetually. The rest of us get to pick and choose what we want to listen to, as the population grows polarized and increasingly desperate.

In any case, I don't get KSPR out of Springfield so if I want to hear what is said I got the Internet and can probably catch it on YouTube if I care to hear it. I don't.

Get used to it. You won't get everything you want and there isn't enough money to pay for it and they are running the printing presses as it is, so you won't be getting health care even if you want to take away Medicare away from elderly whites in order to give to illegal aliens who you liberals just legalized. There ain't no Coup de Ville hiding in the bottom of no Cracker-Jack box neither. This country is on the verge of collapse and you fools got nothing better to do than whine about what some other fools put on the television stations that nobody neutral listened to anyway. They were probably doing something useful, like googling for lesbian MILFS on youporn rather than trying to get their jollies reading Point/CounterPoint here on The Turner Diaries.

Anonymous said...

The Local KY3 and KSPR people took their final swipe at Warren Hearnes, a recently deceased past Missouri Governor. While Fox Noise Channel affiliate, Channel 27 gave the deceased some respect, the KY3 folks, i.e. David Catanese, went to great lengths to explain what he considered were bad things that happen to Warren Hearnes both during and after being governor.

An email to Catanese went unanswered. KY3 is so Republican its should be on their own advertisement. KY3 Cares About Republicans.