Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Billy Long calls for repeal of stimulus act

BIlly Long, a candidate for the Republican nomination for the Seventh District Congressional seat currently held by Roy BLunt, released the following statement today concerning the federal stimulus:

One year ago, the Stimulus Act was hastily passed by Congress in an effort to stimulate the economy by increasing government spending by nearly a trillion dollars. Billy Long, an opponent of the stimulus from day one, urges Congress to end the Stimulus Act and focus on fiscal responsibility.

“Government spending is not the answer to our economic problems. The stimulus has been in effect for over a year, but we don’t have anything to show for it. I saw on Fox News today that there are over 2 million more unemployed people now than there were before the stimulus was passed. Our national debt has gone up by over $1 trillion and we haven’t even spent one-third of the money that was set aside for the program,” said Billy Long.

He continued, “The Congressional Budget Office announced that the stimulus will cost over $75 billion more than the $787 billion we were told it would cost. Clearly, we aren’t getting what we were promised by politicians from the stimulus – we’re just getting more debt. This massive waste of taxpayer money has done nothing. We could save nearly half a trillion dollars just by ending the program today. I hope that Congress will admit they made a mistake and vote to repeal the Stimulus Act in order to reduce our deficit.”


Billy Long is Wrong said...

What took Billy Long so long? Most of his opponents denounced the stimulus weeks ago and called for the spending to be frozen.

Speaking of Billy Long, I am currently uncovering a story that shows Billy's not a fiscally responsible as he claims he is. Look for it by the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Billy Long needs to go home and stay there....not one bit capable of the job he seeks.

Anonymous said...

A lot of Billy's skills are downstream of mainstream America.

Anonymous said...

poor silly billy must have been asleep when our former president was spending money right and left and for what and left us in debt and in the worst economic condition we have been in since we can remember! as for what has the stimulus done for southwest missouri, please refer to modot's improvements made to highway 60 east of springfield. the road is now more safe for travelers and business owners along the highway tell how it has helped their businesses.

Anonymous said...

If he was so conservative why was he blasting the Medicaid cuts on the radio? We dont need someone that will say whatever to get elected.