Friday, April 09, 2010

Another tea party scheduled in Branson

Next Thursday's Joplin Tea Party rally is not the only one scheduled for next week in southwest Missouri. The following news release details the April 17 Branson Tea Party:

Want to make your voice heard? On Saturday, April 17, 2010, the Branson Tea Party Coalition will host a peaceful Constitutional Rally that will ring out “America First!”

Every man, woman, and child from all political backgrounds who agree that our Federal, State, and Local government officials are out of control is invited to share in 3 hours of inspirational speeches, entertainment, food, information, live music, and exercise of our 1st amendment rights to free speech and assembly. All ages are welcome and this is a family friendly event.

Join us at 11 a.m. for a one-hour roadside demonstration which will be held on the Highway 76 Strip in the area stretching from The Apple Tree Mall all the way to Fall Creek Road. You are encouraged to bring your signs with messages of your concerns regarding the outrageous and questionable actions of our elected leaders. (Note: keep the messages civil, sincere, and appropriate for public viewing.)

The roadside demonstration will be followed by a Speakers’ Forum/Tea Party Rally from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. Bring your lawn chairs and join us for this inspiring event at AREA 57 next to the Dick Clark American Bandstand Theatre, located at 1600 W. Hwy 76. Branson, MO.

The goal of the Branson Tea Party is to provide a platform for citizens and grassroots leaders to come together to inspire participation in the growing tea party movement to push for real reform oriented toward constitutionally limited government, lower taxes, fiscal responsibility, individual liberty, free market principles and a return of the power in Washington DC to the States and the People as our founding fathers originally intended.

The featured speakers include the truly "All-Star Lineup" of Dana Loesch, Jay "Greyfalcon" Stewart and Paul Curtman. Each of these speakers are in high demand around the State and Nation to speak at tea party movement events and it is virtually unprecedented for all three to be on stage at a single event. This dynamic lineup of speakers will be informative and will motivate all in attendance to action!

For more information, visit or contact Eric Farris at 417.334.7278 or at

So let your voices be heard at The Branson Tea Party on Saturday, April 17, 2010. This is a non-partisan event; please join us and make a stand! Lets come together for one common purpose – to help restore responsibility to our government!


Anonymous said...

Here is some background as to the speakers at the 4/17 Branson Tea Party:

1. Jay Stewart writes a political and public policy blog ( and is the founder of the St. Louis School of Common Sense Conservatism. While Jay is conservative, he also sees the tea party movement as being about conservatives, moderate Democrats, independents and anyone else who wants to set this nation back to a track of strength, ascendency, and wealth creation. Jay also communicates from the perspective of a black conservative who believes that race is no longer relevent because the new question is whether you are a friend or an enemy of freedom.

2. Paul Curtman: As a Sergeant in the Marines, Paul participated, as a squad leader, in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. Paul is an ardent supporter of the United States Constitution. His outspoken and public advocacy for our elected leaders to adhere and be responsive to the will of the people and the United States Constitution has resulted in numerous appearances on both local and national television and talk radio shows.

3. Dana Loesch blogs at and and hosts her own radio show, The Dana Show, on KFTK 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis. Dana appears regularly on Fox News, MSNBC and CNN, and was the first and only female guest host for the popular Michael Savage. She writes for, co-hosts “Tea Party TV” for PJTV and serves as the co-founder of the St. Louis Tea Party.

Anonymous said...

Here is a summary of the musical entertainment for the event:

1. Jana King Evans will bring her beautiful voice and talent to the stage to perform "God Bless America". Jana has spent many years on television on TNN (The Nashville Network) as lead background vocalist and vocal arranger on the Ralph Emery show, “Nashville Now” and on the Crooke and Chase show, “Music City Tonight”. She has sung and arranged vocals on 100's of hit recordings with artists such as Neil Diamond, Kenny Rogers, Garth Brooks, Clint Black, Lorrie Morgan, B. J. Thomas, George Jones, Willie Nelson, Ronnie Milsap, Glen Campbell, Randy Travis, Pam Tillis, Mark Chestnutt, John Anderson....and the list goes on. Jana resides in Branson and continues to perform with Branson and Nashville musical stars.

2. SIX: SIX has thrilled audiences from North America to South America and from Europe to Asia. Their intense high-octane energy, electrifying stage presence, and powerhouse vocals combine to create a truly amazing entertainment experience. SIX (consisting of SIX multi-talented brothers), now in their 4th season performing in Branson, will perform the National Anthem.

3. Clay Cooper will perform his signature, patriotic hit "Fighting Side of Me". Having performed in Branson for over 20 years, Clay is known for his outstanding performances as host and male vocalist for several Branson shows. In 2005, Clay put together a show of his own, Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express, and now performs in the new Clay Cooper Theatre.

Anonymous said...

Eric Farris, Director of the Branson Tea Party Coalition, was interviewed last Fall on the Vacation Channel about the TEA Party held in Branson in November. The 4/17 Branson TEA Party will have the same location and format. Please come out to make your voice heard!

The APE said...

Press Release:

In light of the popularity of the Tea Parties around the country, a new source for news emerged with a conservative agenda. American Policy Examiner (the APE), an online political science magazine, covers the national political scene by way of the Internet, pushing the Web’s boundaries to further extremes, allowing readers access the the best political news and resources for law available on the Internet.

The APE’s agenda is to allow the reader to experience the true intensions of the forefathers and the constitution. Users can browse through comprehensive biographies of all the forefathers and presidents. An extensive system of links directs users to relevant information with minimal advertising. And students can use the APE as a resource for school papers, or voters can research candidates before an election.

There, of course, is more. Citizens now have an easy way to research law in their states with the APE’s Law Center, an extensive linking system for all fifty states.

Not only is the APE a relevant source for news, it has an extensive blog that allows readers to voice their opinions about current politics.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the APE is that its creator, Michael Servis, is a Branson local and educated Tea Party activist.

Support the Tea Party’s agenda today by visiting American Policy Examiner—