Thursday, April 15, 2010

KY3: Confession may be tossed out in Rowan Ford murder case

David Wesley Spears told authorities he raped and murdered his nine-year-old stepdaughter, Rowan Ford, but a jury may never hear that confession. The following excerpt is from the confession:

Deputy: “Just for clarity, in this statement you told me that you, David Spears, and Chris Collings both had intercourse with Rowan Ford at that time. Then Chris handed you a white cord that you placed around Rowan's neck and strangled her. Is that correct?"
Spears: “Yes, yes.”
Deputy: “Is there anything else you would like to add to this statement?”
Spears: “I did it."

In a court hearing that started Wednesday in Waynesville, Spears' attorneys began their efforts to convince the judge that a Newton County deputy obtained the confession illegally:

Defense attorneys argue that this was a false confession because of Spears’ abuse of alcohol, which they say can cause a person to say things that he wouldn’t otherwise say, and doesn’t remember afterwards. The defense attorneys also told the judge that the Newton County detectives had never been properly trained on obtaining confessions, including how to avoid obtaining a false confession.

Spears is scheduled to go to trial in July. His friend and co-defendant Chris Collings' trial is set for early in 2011. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty for both men.

Rowan Ford was a fourth grader at Triway Elementary School in Stella.


Anonymous said...

Leave it to the defense attorney to come up with some hair-brain objections. When is it legally required for an officer to have training to record interrogations and confessions? If it was a DWI case the defense would argue that alcohol was not a contributing factor. Oh, the games that people play with the judicial system. Just accept the defendant's statement, "I did it." --Diamond Gem

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Newton County Sheriff should apologize to McDonald County Sheriff Deputies!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Newton County, Missouri Highway Patrol, and Dept. of Social Services should thank the Mcdonald County deputies and FBI!!!!