Friday, April 16, 2010

Douglas has no comment on KCUMB e-mail

MSSU Board of Governors member Dwight Douglas, taking a page from the book of his protege Bruce Speck, said no comment to a Joplin Globe question of whether he was aware of a Feb. 25 e-mail from KCUMB President Danny Weaver which indicated KCUMB would not be involved in a Joplin medical school project:

Douglas, the MSSU board member, declined to comment on the Feb. 25 e-mail in all aspects, including when he was first aware of it, and whether and when the whole steering committee was aware of it.

“I don’t have any comment about that e-mail,” he said. “I’m looking forward.”

On that we can agree. My understanding is that a lot of people around MSSU are looking forward- to a day when Dwight Douglas is no longer on the Board of Governors.

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Anonymous said...

When Douglas isn't spouting nonsense about his protege at Board of Governors meetings, he's walking out to get a Chart or checking his e-mail on his Blackberry. What a tool. He cannot be gone too soon.