Wednesday, April 28, 2010

KODE unveils new set

KODE unveiled its state-of-the-art set tonight, devoting a couple of segments of its 10 p.m. newscast to the change.

The set is a bit overwhelming, but immediately provides a much brighter look to the newscasts, and seems guaranteed to energize the staff.

The set goes along with the more energetic production KODE has had in recent months and should  help showcase the positive changes the station has made.

I didn't catch the entire flashback to past KODE newscasts, but I did hear a fond reference to the late Bob Phillips and caught a glimpse of former anchor Tracy Stark and sportscaster Russ Riesinger in the clips that were shown.

With the combination of young and veteran reporters KODE has, I would love to see the station take a few chances with its coverage and distinguish itself from its sister station KSNF. Perhaps some longer , more detailed looks at some of the news events and issues that are being covered.

With the combination of strong reporting and 21st century graphics, plus the energy KODE has, it has an opportunity to bring a new style of television journalism to the four-state area.

The packaging is there and the product has been on a sharp upward incline for the past several months. I look forward to watching the next chapter in KODE News  history unfold.


Anonymous said...

I love it!!!! Looks great!

Anonymous said...

I like it too. Keep up the great work guys!

Anonymous said...

too flashy...looks like something on some weird cable channel. What every happened to professionalism without the flash?

Anonymous said...

professionalism is long gone...long's all sizzle and no steak

Anonymous said...

Reminds me a little of the set of "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" Just give me someone knowledgeable behind a desk reading the news without extraneous editorial comment and worthless chitchat and I'm happy. Guess that's why I haven't been happy for 20 years!