Monday, January 03, 2011

Hohulin signs on with Senate Majority Leader

Former Rep. Bubs Hohulin, R-Lamar, (referred to many times in my wrirings as the Abominable No Man) has joined the staff of Senate Majority Leader Robert Mayer, R-Dexter, according to a news release issued by Mayer last week.

Hohulin most recently was the chief of staff for term-limited Sen. Carl Vogel, R-Jefferson City.

(Photo: Bubs Hohulin, working for me as a photographer for the Lamar Democrat in 1984, poses with Barney the Bear at the opening of Taco Palace. Bubs is the one on the right.)

Fired Up Missouri also noted that among the policy advisers for Mayer and the GOP Senate majority will be Mark Tucker, who until last week was a lobbyist for retired billionaire Rex Sinquefield.

Mayer's column is printed below:

Senate Leader-elect Robert N. Mayer, R-Dexter, today announced his leadership team for the 2011 legislative session that begins next Wednesday. Mayer’s staff members are in place and are preparing for the upcoming session, in particular, the opening weeks when the Senate will meet in working groups to consider ideas submitted by Missourians on how to “Reboot Government” through control, alterations and deletions.

Mayer’s primary office staff includes his previous Chief of Staff Corey Jackson, who is continuing in his role, as well as new hires and legislative veterans Doris Broeker, Bubs Hohulin, and Susan Dunn. Broeker comes from her role as Administrative Assistant to Sen. Norma Champion. Hohulin joins the team after having served as Sen. Carl Vogel’s Chief of Staff and a former member of the House of Representatives. Dunn worked for past President Pro Tems Kinder and Gibbons and will be assisting Mayer’s office during the legislative session that runs January through May.

Mayer also announced three Senate Majority Caucus staff members who work at the pleasure of the president pro tem, but assist all majority caucus members. They include Policy Directors Patrick Baker and Mark Tucker, as well as Communications Director Farrah Fite. Baker and Fite are continuing in their roles, while Tucker joins the team. Tucker comes from the private sector where he worked in the health care industry and then as a health care policy expert.

“We’ve assembled a great team that will be at the beckon call of constituents, keep the office running efficiently and help us have a productive legislative session,” Mayer said.


Joe said...

Come on Randy, I thought you were above stabs like this

Anonymous said...

Hohulin and Legan were two of the least impressive members of the General Assembly, ever.

If you could buy either one for what they think they are worth and sell them for what they are actually worth, you'd have a financial shortfall much like Missouri's 2012 Budget.

Both were nothing but a**wipes for Farm Bureau and took no interest in other issues in Missouri. Neither one understood anything other than farming and if you have seen their farming operation you would know they do not understand much about that, either.

The talent pool must be getting pretty shallow in Jefferson City to hire Bubs.