Monday, November 19, 2012

Joplin Globe tornado book tops Amazon rankings; 5:41, Spirit of Hope place second, third

The weekly examination of the Amazon rankings for the 11 books (at least, the ones I have found so far) about the May 22, 2011, Joplin Tornado, shows 32 Minutes in May by the Joplin Globe at the top for the first time, with the two books written by John Hacker and me, 5:41 and Spirit of Hope ranked second and third.

1. 32 Minutes in May, Joplin Globe- 71,331
2. 5:41: Stories from the Joplin Tornado, Randy Turner and John Hacker 93,106
3. Spirit of Hope: The Year After the Joplin Tornado, Randy Turner and John Hacker 104,284
4. When the Sirens Were Silent- Mike Smith, 234,130
5. Joplin 5:41, Kansas City Star- 452,453
6. 5:22: Stories of Survival, Stories of Faith, Scott Hettinger- 910,933
7. Miracle of the Human Spirit, Mark Rohr- 1,135,998
8. Singing Over Me- Danielle Stammer- 1,158,483
9. When the Storm Passes, Julie Jett- 1,290,126
10. Joplin Tornado House of Hope, 2,349,433
11. EF5 at 5:35, Kathryn Sandlin, 2,929,674

Rumors are circulating about another book about the tornado to be written by one of the key players in the days, weeks, and months following May 22.

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Rick Nichols said...

Hooray for 5:41 and Spirit of Hope!