Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Dave Spence's crybaby lawsuit against Jay Nixon alive and well

The race for Missouri governor has been over for three weeks, but it continues in the courts, where Republican challenger Dave Spence's crybaby lawsuit against Gov. Jay Nixon has not been dismissed, according to Cole County Circuit Court online court records.

If you remember, Spence filed the lawsuit in October, claiming that Nixon was not telling the truth about him in ads in which he claimed Spence was a banker, was involved in decisions not to repay TARP funds, and accepted an insider loan.

The last thing this state needs to have its political campaigns settled in court. That is almost as bad as having them settled in the voting booth.

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Anonymous said...

Spence has already blown 6.5 million of his own money, and no telling how much from Karl Rove, let him blow some more. Couldn't happen to a more deserving nut case. Maybe the Tea Party bunch will help him out.

Hopefully we won't have to hear from him again at the next election cycle.