Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Court records show Joplin murder victim feared for her life

A Joplin Globe story this morning follows up on the revelations in Monday's Turner Report that murder suspect Rondias Webb had a long history of domestic abuse prior to the shootings Sunday that killed his estranged wife, Monica, and left him in a Joplin hospital.

From yesterday's Turner Report:

The shooting, which left Monica Webb, 36, Joplin, dead, occurred just two weeks after her husband, Ron Webb, had violated a protection order, according to court records. A 1 p.m. December 17 hearing had been scheduled on that charge.
A full order of protection had been entered October 1 against Webb, according to the online record. That order was issued four days after Ron Webb was charged with third degree domestic assault in Newton County.
A 9 a.m. hearing had been scheduled before Judge David Dally in Jasper County Circuit Court today for Webb on a driving while intoxicated charge, following an arrest by the Joplin Police Deparment. Webb was being charged as an "aggravated offender," indicating he has had other charges of drinking while driving.
Today's Globe story offers more details:

“I don’t know what he is capable of doing,” she wrote in the application for the order. “But he has made it very clear that if he went to jail over me, I would be sorry.”
Rondias “Ronald” Webb, 35, was arrested and charged with misdemeanor domestic assault after an incident Sept. 23 at an apartment the couple formerly shared at 1731 E. 33rd St.
Monica Webb wrote in her request for a protection order that he would not let her leave the apartment the day in question, but she managed to sneak out the door when his back was turned. He chased her down and tackled her outside their home, she wrote.
“He was on top of me, telling me to stop yelling or he was gonna put a bullet in me,” she wrote. “I continued to yell. He then grabbed a rock and told me to shut up.”
A probable-cause affidavit alleges that he threatened to bash her head in if she screamed. She ended up walking away without having been shot or struck with the rock. But he followed her and kept trying to take her phone away, she wrote in the request. He told her that if she called police and he was arrested, she would be sorry, her application stated.
Recent turns in the couple’s relationship are part of a police investigation into the double shooting, including an alleged violation of the protection order on Nov. 4.
The Joplin Police Department is expccted to file murder charges against Webb today.

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