Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Ed Emery: Give me those lobbyists' gifts

Show Me Progress bloggers Danny Ferguson casts a look on newly-elected Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, pinning him down on whether he will reject lobbyists' gifts, something Emery never did during his eight years in the House:

Danny Ferguson: Mr. Emery, will you join senator-elect Scott Sifton in calling for a ban on gifts from lobbyists to legislators?Ed Emery: Danny, transparency and attentiveness are the most effective means to empower citizens. It is not more government. You and Scott must trust government a lot more than I do.Ferguson: A government is only as trustworthy as the people serving in it. Banning gifts from lobbyists is a way to remove one potential source of corruption, which would make it easier for us to trust that you're working for the best interests of all your constituents rather than the financial interests of a few people who have given you gifts. This could even be a voluntary ban, at least at first. Would you consider committing to rejecting all gifts from lobbyists as John Lamping (R) and Scott Sifton (D) have?Emery: Danny, If you confine politicians to the Constitution that will give lobbyist little to lobby for. When government is no longer allowed to pick winners and losers the bidding for power will cease or be greatly diminished. I would prefer limiting government to expanding or empowering it.Ferguson: So, in other words, you're going to keep accepting meals and gifts from lobbyists. Is that correct?Emery: [No response given.] 

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