Wednesday, November 07, 2012

McCaskill victory includes win in GOP stronghold Greene County

(From the Claire McCaskill campaign)

Last night, the state of Missouri delivered an incredible victory for Claire McCaskill and working families. As the dust begins to settle, I wanted to flag for you a couple key numbers that stood out and speak to the incredible effort put forth by the entire McCaskill campaign and the, literally, thousands of volunteers across the state who made this possible.
 This was a record-breaking endeavor across the board and was the direct result of tireless staff, incredible supporters and a candidate like Claire.
 Claire’s margin of victory was an astonishing 14 points, besting even Mitt Romney and Gov. Jay Nixon, who won the state by 10 and 12 percentage points, respectively.
 Claire won St. Charles and Greene counties, two typically Republican strongholds—as well as key swing counties like Clay, Buchanan and Jefferson—as the result of an historic field effort that consisted of 100 paid staff in 32 offices statewide. On Election Day alone, the Missouri Democratic Party Coordinated Campaign sent out over 5,000 volunteers who knocked on just under 400,000 doors and made 300,000 phone calls.
 Claire received:
  • 58 percent of the vote in Buchanan County
  • 55 percent of the vote in Clay County
  • 53 percent of the vote in Jefferson County
  • 48 percent of the vote in Greene County, winning by 4600 votes
  • 47 percent of the vote in St. Charles County, winning by 7500 votes
McCaskill for Missouri 2012 raised an incredible $21 million over the course of the campaign, including a record-setting $5.8 million in Q3 2012. McCaskill for Missouri also raised more than $4.5 million online.
 While other incidents over the course of the campaign received markedly more attention from members of the media, last night’s victory was the direct result of hard work, flawless execution, a little bit of luck and an incredible team from top to bottom.


Anonymous said...

It is an embarrassment that Jasper & Newton County voters still voted for such an ignorant and misinformed person solely because of his "pro-life" position. Talk about Muslim extremists, but Christian extremists are just as dangerous!

Anonymous said...

Its embarrassing and shameful that Jasper & Newton County folks voted for Dave Spence after all that Gov. Nixon and his staff has done for them.

Talk about ingratitude...wowie.

He practically moved his office to Joplin for 30 days and the folks thumbed their nose at him come election time.
Dave Rust