Friday, November 09, 2012

McNary thanks supporters, congratulates Zweifel

(From Cole McNary)

After losing the race for state treasurer to incumbent Clint Zweifel, Cole McNary, a two-term state representative from Chesterfield, Missouri, congratulated his opponent and thanked his family, friends and staff for their loyal and enthusiastic support of his campaign, citing the crucial teamwork put forth throughout the election cycle.
“When I entered the race for treasurer facing a well-funded opponent, I drew upon the sage advice from my long-time political advisors, my father Gene McNary and my father-in-law Al Sikes,” said McNary.  “My Dad and Al worked in politics long before the Internet and social media dominated campaigns.  They advised me to stay close to the ground, direct the bulk of my finances towards my media message and speak plainly and honestly to voters.”
Although in the end, the funding gap proved too large to overcome, McNary reiterated his desire to provide fiscal truth and long-range leadership to the taxpayers of Missouri and did not rule out a future run for state treasurer.
“Following the financial crisis of 2008, cities and states in our country have realized that many of our obligations we have promised our citizens may be unaffordable,” said McNary.  “My mission in the treasurer’s office would have been to take a very close look at our state finances, especially the issue of unfunded pension liabilities and determine how to solve problems in a manner that will honor current promises and plan for future needs with prudence and protection.”
McNary hopes Treasurer Zweifel will provide leadership on pension health so that Missouri can remain on strong fiscal footing in the years to come.   “Clint has served as an able steward these past four years but its time to broaden the reach beyond the traditional functions of the office.  State treasurers have begun to tackle these tough issues and in Missouri that chore must begin immediately,” added McNary. 
Before closing out the details of this election cycle, McNary gave special thanks to his wife Christy and his mother Ina, both whom he said provided support that cannot be measured, counted or packaged.  “I met my wife on the trail working for one of my father’s campaigns.  Christy understands the rigors of politics better than anyone and made it possible for me to travel the state non-stop this past year.  My Mom, a veteran of political life as well, provided the support we needed to run a competitive race.”
McNary wants to send a special note of gratitude to the donors who invested in his race and the citizens who gave him their votes and pledged to fight continually for the fiscal truth and to support policies that will move Missouri ahead.

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