Thursday, November 01, 2012

Todd Akin's daddy: Send my son some money

(From the Todd Akin campaign)

I am the father of U.S. Congressman Todd Akin. I am 91 years old and a veteran of W.W. II. I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1942, was trained as an artillery officer, and was then assigned to the 71st Division. I served with the 71st until after the war, and then received an Honorable Discharge as a Field Artillery Captain.

Like any father, I am proud of my son for many, many reasons, but I am particularly proud of the commitment he has shown to our men and women in uniform. I have been flat out disgusted by the way Claire McCaskill has tried to mislead people about Todd’s record on the military, and we have a new ad setting the record straight. You can view it here:

As a young man fighting for our country overseas, I thought we had seen the biggest threat our nation would ever face – until today, when I see the American Dream itself threatened by the destructive policies of this administration.

We have an administration willing to not only spend us into oblivion, but future generations as well. We have politicians who deny the sanctity of life under the guise of “choice.” And Missouri is represented right now by a U.S. Senator who had been caught red handed profiting to the tune of $60 million in taxpayer money while holding office.

I could go on about all the reasons why I believe Claire McCaskill is wrong for our country, and why I believe my son could help turn America back into the country of promise that our men and women in uniform have bled for over the years.

Instead, I will simply close with this – please, if you can, support my son today. Running these campaigns is incredibly expensive, especially when you’re being attacked as Todd has been my millions of dollars in special interest money. Chip in if you can, and please keep working to restore America to all it can be!

Thank you for your attention, your support, and may God bless you.

Paul B. Akin

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