Friday, November 18, 2005

Loyal reader reports Cable One fine

You never know who reads The Turner Report.
Apparently one of those readers is Nexstar Broadcasting COO Duane Lammers, who was kind enough to send me the story today of the Federal Communications Commission's decision to levy a fine against Cable One. Lammers was generous enough to send me a link to the decision.
Basically, Cable One was fined $20,000 for illegally showing a Tulsa station's NBC programming after KSNF programming was removed from the Cable One franchise in Miami, Okla.
KSNF is the only station legally permitted to provide NBC programming in the Miami area, according to FCC regulations.
Of course, as regular readers of The Turner Report are well aware, Nexstar programming on KSNF and its sister station, KODE, were removed from the Cable One lineup in Joplin on Dec. 31, 2004.

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Anonymous said...


No, sorry to deflate your ego, I am not a loyal reader. You hang out with lawless robber barrons. The only difference between you and Cable One is that at least what they sell is worth someting.

Duane Lammers