Saturday, April 22, 2006

Boundaries established for Bucher deposition

Attorneys for Glenna McKitterick will be allowed to ask retired Branson priest Philip Bucher about sexual relationships with staff or church employees and about sexual harassment complaints. The same types of questions will be permitted when Bishop John J. Liebrecht about his knowledge of Bucher's activities, according to an order issued by U. S. District Court Judge Richard E. Dorr Friday.
No questions will be allowed about any relationships Bucher might have had outside the church, the order said. Bucher's deposition will remain sealed until a further order is issued by the court, the document said.
Bucher is scheduled to be deposed Friday, April 28, in Albuquerque, N. M. Ms.
McKitterick is suing Bucher for sexual harassment, claiming she was fired from her job with the church after she refused to submit to Bucher's sexual advances. She is suing Bucher, the Springfield-Cape Girardeau Diocese,Liebrecht, Our Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and Our Lady of the Ozarks Catholic Church.


Anonymous said...

Is there any further information on this?

Randy said...

No documents have been filed with the court. When something happens, I will be sure to post it.