Thursday, April 20, 2006

Globe losing Jefferson City reporter

Sadie Gurman, who has provided statehouse coverage for the Joplin Globe during this legislative session, will leave the newspaper once the session is completed, according to her blog, Life Under the Dome.
Ms. Gurman does not specify the new job she will have, only that is in the "free north."


Anonymous said...

No loss there. The Globe needs to stop relying on interns and hire a real capitol reporter. Does anyone remember Jim Wolfe?

Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a great guy was Jim Wolfe.....what a joy it was to drop by his office when I was in the capitol building.....I recall the first time I met him, he asked to interview me and we sat out in the rotunda for the interview. Several legislators came by and one of them said to me afterwards, "How in the world did you get him to interview you - the first time you met. We've been here a long time and we can't get a line in his column!"

They don't make'em like Jim Wolfe anymore. I suppose he would want to serve in the capitol today he couldn't do anything without puffing on his pipe! T

Thanks for bringing up his name....and you're right about the use of interns and people still wet behind the ears - young "journalists" are thrown on the front lines many years too soon.

Anonymous said...

I refuse to speak ill of the dead.

But the last two posters seem to be alive ... and morons.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in her new job she will learn to verify "sources". If I remember correctly she is the one who reported about the school board candidate Melinda Bayless and her children attending College Heights. The person she named and the concerned patron, Martha Jessup doesn't exist. I guess another way for the Globe to stir things they make people up.

Anonymous said...

That's just stupid. Martha Jessup exists. The Globe would have run a correction, and the reporter would have been fired if she wasn't real. Sadie Gurman is doing a great job covering the capitol, and she will be missed.