Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ethics Commission website not updated

Missourians who want to keep an eye on their legislators (and you can include me in that group) have to be disappointed with the way the Missouri Ethics Commission website has not been updated.
While campaign finance disclosure forms were updated as they were turned in on April 15 or on the days just before that deadline, the lobbyist reports have not been updated.
Those hoping to keep up with the amount of money lobbyists have lavished on their elected officials normally have been able to have that information at their disposal by the 10th of each month.
So far in 2006, only the January and February disclosure forms have been put on the web. Today is the last day of April and March has not been included as of a few moments ago.
During a time when people across the nation are keeping a watchful eye on the behavior of lobbyists and the elected officials they are trying to influence, it seems particularly inappropriate that the people do not have this information at their disposal.
Now that we have the technology to make this type of accountability possible, it's a crime not to have this information provided to Missourians on a timely basis.

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