Friday, April 28, 2006

Daily plays up Joplin stories

Thursday was a big day in the short existence of It was one of the few occasions on which Editor John Hacker and his crew had a handful of meaty stories to cover and they came through big time.
A quick check of the website shows a photo and story on the Mayflower Apartments fire, which fortunately claimed no lives, but did send five residents to the hospital.
Having worked with Hacker during his two stints at The Carthage Press, I had the opportunity, on several occasions, to see just how good he is at handling breaking news. He was at the top of the game on the Mayflower fire.
Hacker also covered the annual Joplin Area Chamber of Commerce Banquet Thursday night, and had a complete story, as well as photos from the event. The Daily's competitor, the Joplin Globe, ran one photo from the event, which was barely larger than a postage stamp, plus five mugshots, while Hacker ran a number of photos from the banquet.
The website also featured a host of other Joplin stories. The headline to this story is a bit obvious. After all, the whole mission of the Daily is to play up Joplin stories, but with the Globe's mishandling of the same stories and the utter failure of the Globe's weekly, the Joplin Herald, it appears Liberty might just have carved out a place for itself in the local journalistic scene.


Anonymous said...

Yes, he's doing his job--as most of us are.

Anonymous said...

If everyone was doing their job -- the Daily wouldn't exist.

Anonymous said...

So maybe someone will report on Dr. Simpson making nearly $150000 per year? Randy you have been tough on administrators in the past.....what about this?