Friday, April 14, 2006

Chart cleans up at Missouri College Media awards

Missouri Southern State University's newspaper, the Chart, captured numerous awards in the annual Missouri College Media Association awards.
However, the Chart's story had this unfortunate lead:

On April 8-9, The Chart staff attended the annual Missouri College Media Association convention in St. Louis.

It would seem the Chart writer thinks the fact that the staff went to the convention is more of a news story than winning the awards.
Pittsburg State University's newspaper, The Collegio, also did well in the Kansas awards and did a better job with its lead:

Pittsburg State University's Collegio newspaper and Kanza yearbook staffs won 84 individual awards at the annual spring conference on Sunday and Monday, April 9 and 10, of the Kansas Associated Collegiate Press in Wichita.


Anonymous said...

If by clean-up, you mean, won a number of second place and third place awards instead of the normal abundance of first-place awards that once made the collegiate broadsheet a trendsetter, yeah, they cleaned up real good.

Anonymous said...

The Chart should earn nothing less than "Best of Show." Any lesser award is a failure.

disgusted Chart reader said...

The online story's headline read 'best overal.' A misspelling.
Randy has hit the nail on the head. The paper's writing is putrid. Of their 20 awards, 14 were for design, photo, or other non-writing elements. Of the six awards for writing, 1/3 were won by David Haut, a columnist for
The Chart was shut out in feature writing, in-depth reporting, investigative reporting, and editorial writing. All are former hallmarks of Chart coverage.
The paper has outstanding photography and good design, but the writing is poor.

You can put a sweater on a pig, but at the end of the day it's still a pig.

Globe Rat said...

Eighty-four awards!?! Are they giving out awards for "best use of past participles in a feature story about dogs" these days? There are either way too many categories, or there are no other newspapers in the Collegio's division and they swept every category. Eighty-four awards!?! That ceremony had to last as long as Randy's last bowel movement. I know, gross and cheap shot, but I'm hot, it's Friday and I'm already half in the bag.

Anonymous said...

The Chart may not have won best in show, but I bet some of the staffers could at Westminster. ARF!

Anonymous said...

If David Haut won one-third of the writing awards then things really are bad there....somebody send help

Anonymous said...

why should any non-independent, university-run paper win any award? where's the objectivity?

Anonymous said...

Are you saying no colliegate newspaper should win a Missouri College Media Award?