Saturday, April 22, 2006

Kinder piling up lobbyist contributions

He's not running for anything this year, but that has not stopped Missouri Lt. Gov. Peter Kinder's campaign finance machinery.
Kinder collected $7,875 during the past three months, according to the quarterly disclosure statement filed earlier this month with the Missouri Ethics Commission. Remarkably, $5,339 of that total came from registered lobbyists...though, of course, not one of them is listed as a lobbyist on the disclosure forms.
The biggest contribution, $1,200, came from Datra Herzog, lobbyist for MOHELA, with $1,000 coming from The Swain Group, the lobbying firm headed by Scott Swain, which represents Verizon, Centurytel and Missouri Energy Group, among others.
Kinder received $539 from J. R. Moody & Associates, the lobbying firm led by James R. Moody. The firm represents the Coalition to Fund Excellent Schools and President Casinos, among others.
A $500 contribution was given by Bill Shoehigh, Lee's Summit, described on the form as self-employed. During his self-employment, he lobbies for Microsoft and the Apollo Group/University of Phoenix.
Most of the donations came in $300 chunks, from the following lobbyists:
-Brent Hemphill, Alliance for School Choice, AT&T
-Harness and Associates, Missouri Beer Wholesalers Association, St. Luke Hospital System
-Burch and Associates- Missouri Hospital Association, Missouri State University, Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce
-Clarkston Consultants- Heath Clarkston, Aquila, Home Builders Association
-Cozad Group, John Cozad, Platte City, Advocates of Missouri State University, Jackson County
-Governmental Service Group, Missouri Dealers Association
-Joseph Thompson Consulting, AT&T, Missouri Gas Energy

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