Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Press offers coverage of Huckabee rally

As noted earlier today in The Turner Report, neither the Joplin Globe print edition nor its website offered any coverage of former Arkansas governor and presidential contender Mike Huckabee's rally Monday at the Joplin Regional Airport.

The Carthage Press did provide coverage with a John Hacker article posted to the newspaper's website.

Unfortunately, even though The Press got the coverage right, it took nearly a full day to get the article on the website. The time stamp shows 4:36 p.m. In this day and age, a 24-hour turnaround is an eternity. The Press has consistently been glacier-like in posting articles to the Internet recently.


Sandman said...

Unfortunately this is a common occurrence for the Carthage Press. They are never in a rush to get things posted on their Website.

Anonymous said...

Because their editor is a douchebag. How many times do I have to say that?