Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Carnahan received at least $86,200 from stem cell research supporters

Secretary of State Robin Carnahan, accused in a civil action filed Monday in Cole County Circuit Court of using her position to derail pro-life legislation, has accepted at least $86,200 in campaign contributions from stem cell supporters.

Missouri Ethics Commission documents show Mrs. Carnahan, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for the U. S. Senate seat currently held by Kit Bond, received $30,000 from Supporters of Health Research and Treatments on Oct. 8, 2008, and $5,000 from the Life Science Fund of the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce the following day.

On June 13, 2007, the Greater Kansas City Chamber of Commerce contributed $25,000 to the secretary of state. She received a like amount from Supporters of Health Research and Treatments on May 24, 2007, and $1,200 from the group on April 13, 2006, according to the Ethics Commission documents.

Missouri Roundtable for Life brought legal action against Mrs. Carnahan and State Auditor Susan Montee Monday in a petition, which was reported first in The Turner Report:

The petition, filed by Missouri Roundtable for Life, a group that is strongly opposed to the use of embryonic stem cells in scientific research, claims Ms. Carnahan completely changed the proposed ballot language to mislead voters and that Ms. Montee went out of her way to find people who would say the amendment would have a negative fiscal impact on the state.

The proposed ballot language read, "In any fiscal year, the first $200 million disbursed from the Life Sciences Research Trust Fund (LSRTF) be spent on primary healthcare for low-income Missourians, provided, however, that no such funds shall be expended on abortion services, human cloning, or prohibited human research."

By the time, Ms. Carnahan and her staff were finished with the ballot language, it was hard to recognize, the petition indicates. The finished version, which was submitted to Attorney General Chris Koster, eliminated any reference to abortion or human cloning, terms that would make the proposal attractive to a large number of Missourians. The new ballot language read, "Shall the Missouri Constitution be amended to reduce the amount of money available by $200 million to improve the quality of life science research in Missouri and redirect this money solely to pay for certain primary health care for low-income Missourians?"

The petition alleges Ms. Montee provided a misleading fiscal impact statement claiming severe damage could be done to the state, when, in fact, the proposed amendment does not mandate that any money be spent.

The initiative petition is being "manipulated,' the petition says, "so as to mislead and confuse Missouri voters and to create prejudice against a proposed constitutional amendment."

Missouri law requires that ballot language not be worded in such a way that it appears to be for or against a proposed amendment.

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Anonymous said...

I'd love to hear from any of the mainstream media folks who read this blog when we're going to hear Carnahan's positions on things like:

Obama's plan to socialize medicine.

Aggression against the U.S. from North Korea and Iran.

His plan to raise taxes on working people despite his promise not to.

Surely there are some honest reporters left in this state who will actually try to get positions from her royal highness besides Dave Cataneese.