Saturday, July 18, 2009

Richard appoints interim committee on autism spectrum disorders

From Missouri House Communications:

Speaker Appoints Interim Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders
Jefferson City – Missouri House Speaker Ron Richard, R-Joplin, announced the creation of an Interim Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders. This committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing and making recommendations on issues pertaining to the regulation of insurance and other matters impacting the lives of those diagnosed with Autism.

“We have spent months gathering facts and researching what answers are most effective in aiding Missourians with Autism,” said Speaker Richard. “I am tasking the members of the Interim Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders with finding a responsible, effective solution that all sides can agree on,” he finished.

Richard named Rep. Dwight Scharnhorst, R-St. Louis, to chair the committee. As Chairman, Scharnhorst is given the responsibility of directing committee meetings and ensuring that all members work together to find a meaningful legislative solution to the growing Autism epidemic.

“Representative Scharnhorst has been an advocate for Autism in the past and I am confident that he will continue to be a strong leader on the issue moving forward,” said Speaker Richard.

“I thank Speaker Richard for his dedication to this matter and for asking me to chair the Interim Committee on Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our members will work together to review the facts and produce progressive measures that will improve the lives of Missouri families who deal with Autism. I am confident that through this interim committee, we will be able to move closer to a definitive solution.” said Representative Scharnhorst.

The interim committee will hold hearings in the coming weeks.

In addition to Rep. Scharnhorst, the committee is made up of the following members:

Representative Wayne Cooper, Vice Chairman
Representative Sue Allen
Representative Ron Casey
Representative Mike Colona
Representative Sally Faith
Representative Jeff Grisamore
Representative Denny Hoskins
Representative Tishaura Jones
Representatve Shelley Keeney
Representative Michele Kratky
Representative Chris Molendorp
Representative Gina Walsh
Representative Terry Witte

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