Wednesday, July 22, 2009

KOAM looking for new anchor

It looks as if Dowe Quick is going to be breaking in a new partner soon.

Quick, who has provided stability and assurnce to KOAM viewers for nearly three decades, has gone through many a co-anchor, and the latest, Erica Edwards, will reportedly leave soon.

In the advertisement placed on TV Jobs:

Main Anchor position. The markets dominant #1 News Leader has an opening for evening anchor. Candidates should have great writing skills, experience producing and 2 years reporting or anchoring experience in a competitive news environment. The ability to be a newsroom leader and effective communicator is a must. A college degree is required. Send tape to Kristi Spencer, News Director, KOAM-TV. Applicants should be received by August 7th, 2009. E-mail resumes are not accepted.


Anonymous said...

oh well

News2K said...

That is a shame. Erica Edwards has been one of the best to anchor beside Dowe, in my opinion, in quite a while. So many of the pairings don't mesh.

Anonymous said...

It seems rather strange that there is such a turnover with this position. Are they getting better offers or is there turmoil in paradise working with Dowe??

Anonymous said...

"The markets dominant #1 News Leader has an opening for evening anchor."

Perhaps they will also replace the person who wrote the ad. They asked for someone with "great writing skills." The writer apparently went to the Apostrophe Minimalist School.

My guess is that Erica couldn't wait to get out of here. To the comments regarding whether they are getting better offers...really? What offer would be worse than Joplin?

Anonymous said...

This yo yo knew that Scott Kurtis son of Famous newsman BILL KURTIS died Monday at Sedan, Kansas in southeast Kansas but never mentioned it on the broadcast.