Tuesday, July 28, 2009

KZRG publicizes Kinsley candidacy

Mark Kinsley, who announced his candidacy for 129th District state representative this morning, has name recognition in the district through his years as host of KZRG's Morning News Watch and Afternoon News Watch.

That is an asset for Kinsley, who is a bright, personable, and sincere young man, who has been kind enough to have me on his shows numerous times.

That being said, his candidacy does present a problem for himself and for KZRG.

That problem has been presented in the way the station covered the announcement of Kinsley's candidacy.

I received the following breaking news e-mail from KZRG:

1310 KZRG's Mark Kinsley announces his candidacy for Missouri House seat for District 129. Mark is hoping to replace Speaker of the House Ron Richard who term limits out next year. Mark is challenged by Joplin attorney Shelley Dreyer who announced her candidacy for the seat. Listen to NewsTalk 1310 KZRG for continuing coverage of Education 2010.

Kinsley's candidacy was also promoted by the following tweet from KZRG:

Newstalk 1310's KZRG's Mark Kinsley throws his hat into the ring for Mo State Rep..disrict 129

Will Shelley Dreyer's official announcement Aug. 4 also be considered breaking news? She registered her campaign committee with the Missouri Ethics Commission weeks ago.

Should the news announcements be referring to the candidate as "KZRG's Mark Kinsley?" Obviously, his association with the station needs to be mentioned since that is his job, but it needs to be phrased differently.

When Kinsley offers his opinion on various issues as he often does on his program (and there is nothing wrong with that), is he simply doing his job or is he receiving an in-kind contribution from KZRG, something which would have to be reported in his filings with the Ethics Commission?

If a Democrat decides to run for the position, how will that candidacy be treated?

I expect Kinsley has already considered these questions and has a plan in place, but the treatment the station has given his announcement is troubling.

The 129th District is not the only one in KZRG's listening area, the station has now set the precedent that any candidate who announces should have that announcement treated as "breaking news" and promoted by the station. I am sure that is exactly what will happen.


Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong with Kinsley being on KZRG? Check the rule book dude!

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