Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kinsley announcement set for Tuesday

KZRG Morning News Watch host Mark Kinsley will make the leap into political candidacy 10 a.m. Tuesday, announcing his run for the 129th District House seat during an event at Cycle Connection Harley Davidson, 5014 Hearnes Blvd, Joplin.

State Rep. Marilyn Ruestman, R-Joplin, is scheduled to be a special guest at the announcement.

Kinsley is the second candidate for the GOP nomination, joining Joplin attorney Shelly Dreyer. No candidate has emerged on the Democratic side.

The incumbent is Speaker of the House Ron Richard, R-Joplin, who is barred by term limits from running again.


Anonymous said...

Alright! Go Kinsley!

Anonymous said...

From listening to Kinsleys show. I am afraid that he is an ideologue of the Neo-Con movement. I think he would be so tied up in ideology that he would vote for ideology over what is best for Missouri and her people. We have enough reps who come in vote the party line and walk out. We need independent thinkers in Jeff City not rubber stamps for the party on both sides of the aisle.

Anonymous said...

I vote for Kinsley!! Go get em man!

Anonymous said...

RE: Ideologue comment

I suppose the better idea is his Republican opponent, Shelly Dreyer, who only recently was a Democrat and has a Democrat as her Dep. Treasurer.

I'd rather have someone like MARK KINSLEY in office who knows where he stands and is willing to stand up for it.

Dreyer apparently doesn't know what party she stands behind. Where is she? IS SHE A DEMOCRAT? IS SHE A REPUBLICAN? WILL SHE CHANGE PARTIES WHEN IT NO LONGER BENEFITS HER??

Turner, I wish you'd do a little digging in her background and expose her for what she is, Ed Hershewe's puppet. She has no spine.

Nate Starmer said...


Shelly Dreyer is a mom. She fights every day for local families. And while I don’t know Anonymous above, I know that chances are good he or she has never met Shelly and has no idea what she stands for. I cannot believe one could be so presumptuous as to make accusations like that without meeting a person. I also don’t understand where these accusations are coming from.

I know Shelly, I know she has always been one to stand up for her beliefs, and I know she is staunchly a conservative Republican. The “Democrat” that is her deputy treasurer is a college student working in her office for the summer who volunteers for the campaign.

It is sad that politics has come to this, and that people have no qualms about posting lies and half-truths about people, and they don’t even have the dignity to post their name but instead leave it “Anonymous.” THAT’S spineless.

Nate Starmer
President, MSSU Republicans

Anonymous said...

This guy is an idiot. He was finally fired from KODE because he brought part of the Westboro clan on the news to spew their stuff in a one-sided interview. He found one rep who is clueless to support him by letting her come on and ramble once a week. He drinks the same koolaid as all the other wannabe republican talkshow hosts and his only true hope to get out of Joplin is to get another job in another field. If you vote for him, you are part of the problem.

Anonymous said...

Ed Hershewe has been angling for years to have his own personal rep in the legislature. Now we have the his Manchurian Candidate right in front of us. Do your research people.

Anonymous said...

Don't get too excited about a Kinsley-Dreyer primary. A better option is coming. The election is still 15 months away!

Anonymous said...

What's the problem? If the state had more legislators like Mr. Kinsley this would be a better state! And what's wrong with how KZRG promoted him. He works there and their listeners love him and the station.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 2:12: You know what Rush is talking about when he talks about the "state-run media"? He is talking about the collusion among the Democrats and their friends in the national press. Well, just because Mark is local and a Republican doesn't make it right. It is wrong when the Democrats use the media to their advantage and it is wrong when the Republicans use it to their advantage. I believe that young Kinsley is convinced that he is making an honest effort to serve his neighbors and listeners. What he doesn't know is that he sounds like a tool of Marilyn Ruestman and the local GOP establishment.

Anonymous said...

Nate Starmer above has forgotten to mention that he is her campaign manager.

It is interesting that he uses his position as president of the MSSU College Republicans to push his fellow CRs to blindly follow Democrat Shelley Dreyer as she runs on the Republican ticket.

An organization such as the CRs should, along with its president, remain NEUTRAL in a primary.

While Nate Starmer, whose political leanings are themselves questionable, may support anyone he chooses personally, his stance as President of MSSU CRs should be to support no specific candidate in a primary.

It disturbs me that he uses that title above his title as campaign manager.

Also, his stance that she is poor little Shelley Dreyer, mother and all around nice lady should not deceive anyone. She's in this battle because she wants to be. She's a candidate and her political ties SHOULD be questioned. I hardly feel that her background renders her a STAUNCH Republican.

It amazes me that as a STAUNCH Republican, she is just now choosing to attend Republican events in the area, after having lived here for several years.

I also have a hard time believing that Ed Hershewe would ever ever ever give money to a Republican, even one that worked for him.

No one should be fooled by this woman or by her campaign manager.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who actually knows Shelly Dreyer would never refer to her as "poor little Shelly Dreyer".
Has anyone ever actually listened to Kinsley's show????

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:32: If the College Republicans should be neutral during the primary, shouldn't current elected representatives from other districts also be neutral during the primary? Filing is still months away yet Marilyn is fawning over Kinsley. The woman is a cougar. First she attacked Jack Goodman. Now she's all over Mark!

Anonymous said...

I suggest everyong google Hershewe and see his past political donation records. If Dreyer is a Republican she is the first he's contributed to

Anonymous said...

Representatives endorse candidates all the time. Richard endorsed Nodler. Wilson endorsed Goodman. Marilyn Ruestman is speaking as herself. The College Republicans are a group of individuals let them speak out as such. Would Dreyer have turned down Ruestman's endorsement? I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

If he is her campaign manager sounds like a magaine editor endorsing a product as wonderful, but failing to mention that they also sell it

E.Y. said...

Re: Shelly's a flaming lib.

Look at her record. She is definitely opposite.

Call her - set up an interview. Stop this internet B.S.

It's so comforting neo-con Kinsley got out - he just doesn't represent Joplin well.